Agile 2009 is coming

Agile2009_WebBadges_SpeakerMy second spin at the Agile 20xx conferences comes up next week and boy, am I excited to be there.  Last year I was a newbie in the community.  Just meeting people, matching names to some of the Agile "rockstar" faces, soaking up much of what everyone said and, in general, loving that the Agile way of working has created such a vibrant community - all at once both caring and challenging. This year, I am offering three presentations and assisting with a fourth.  While not in front of a group, I will be learning from others (so many sessions, I can't choose!!) and I will be trolling the hallways looking for my ideal coaching clients.

In the past year, coaching agile coaches has become my business and a great gift - both to me and the people I coach (at least, that's what they tell me).   I truly believe that this Agile of ours will move forward to produce far more than  we can even imagine through the next wave of coaches.  I intend to help those coaches emerge into their greatness for themselves, the teams they coach and for advancing Agile which I think is too precious to squander.

Look me up while you're there.  My sessions are throughout the week and I will be watching Twitter and email, as well, so reach me any which way.

Monday - 4pm - Team Start-up: one of the first Agile Adoption activities

Monday - 6pm - Look for me standing with Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley at the Icebreaker.  We'll be giving out ribbons to wear for those who identify with the word "coach"

Wednesday - 2pm - Build Your Team’s Collaboration Muscle (a joyful collaboration with Lee Devin, co-author of Artful Making, produced this session)

Thursday - 11am -  Beyond features: How to listen to your customers and learn what they really need (I'm one of the Innovation Games® facilitators.  Luke Hohmann and Lane Halley are the masterminds of the session.)

Thursday - 2pm - Powerful Questions: Human-centric coaching, with the incomparable Tobias Mayer

I wish you a good conference filled with surprising people and status-quo-shaking ideas.

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