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I am not telling the general public about these offers. Only a few people like you who know me, know my capabilities, and are working in client organizations so that the client really gets the full value of the experience. I want to be used as a surgical instrument in an already on-going agile environment so that whatever I do has enough umph! to impact the situation.


Live Agile Coaching with Lyssa Adkins

Coach of Agile Coaches and author of Coaching Agile Teams 

Lyssa will hold live agile coaching sessions with a group of your choice (ScrumMasters/Agile Coaches, related Agile Teams, transformation leaders) so that you can get insight on the top dilemmas and have people leaving ready to take action. 

How does it work?

Lyssa facilitates the group to quickly decide on the highest business value topics to tackle. 

Lyssa conducts a live agile coaching session with the person or pair that is living the dilemma of the topic right now -- in front of everyone else. The person/pair walks away with tangible actions they are ready to take.

Then, we debrief what everyone witnessed. We discuss the skills Lyssa used in the session and "pull back the curtain" on the components of agile coaching she demonstrated. 

Then, we move on to the next highest business value topic using the same pattern. 

Repeat until we run out of time. Approximately 6 topics can be tackled in a day.

Lyssa spent a day with Innodev’s Business Agility team. Read their blogs to hear what they got out of it.

What are the benefits?

People get coached/mentored by a highly skilled professional coach and one of the thought leaders in the Agile world.

They leave the conversation with tangible actions they are willing to take -- this could move the needle on some of the "intractable" problems you've probably been dealing with for a while.

The rest of the group benefits from the content discussed in the sessions as well as the debrief about the skills of Agile Coaching they witnessed Lyssa using (or failing to use).