InspireMe! card deck

I believe that you are a powerful transformation agent, ushering in a completely new way of working. May this card deck support you and challenge you as you journey on.
— Lyssa

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Real Advice for Agilists

The work of Agile Coaching can be difficult, and also immensely rewarding. Most days, you have this handled: the teams are doing well, delivering amazing products and reveling in their newfound autonomy.

Some days you need a word of advice to help you take that next step, a reminder to stop and appreciate what is already going well, or a challenge that spurs you into action. These cards do just that. They support you. Every day.

Each InspireMe! card is artfully created with a memorable image to inspire the heart and mind. And the heart of each card is a “love letter” from Lyssa Adkins, Coach of Agile Coaches, tying the inspirational quote to the everyday experience of your Agile Coaching work. It’s real advice for the real world!

The 70 tarot-sized cards include Try This cards (suggestions for use) and 10 Sharing cards to encourage colleagues.

Who do you know who could use some encouragement?

The InspireMe! deck combines the best of Lyssa Adkins’ “Inspiration for Agile Coaches” messages with arresting images by Deborah Hartmann Preuss & John Adkins.

Read how Deb used them with a large group at an Agile conference to "clear the noise" so that the conference could go better.