Coaching Agile Teams


"This book is a must read for any agile coach and part of the collection of books that I personally consider to be the "Agile Cannon." I recommend taking notes as you read through it, and reviewing your notes or re-reading the book as you work with agile teams and individual team members.

The value of having a framework like Lyssa's to conceptualize the work of coaching agile teams cannot be underestimated.

I strongly suggest internalizing the lessons you can vicariously learn from this fantastic treatise on being agile."
-Jon Jorgensen

"A well-considered, well-written book that is short on philosophy and rife with real world insights. According to Amazon, I've now bought this book 6 times. Truth is, I keep giving away my copies to friends and coworkers who are going through this transition because it really is just that good.

Of all the books I have on Agile and SCRUM, this is the one I end up going to most often - as well as the one where I've found the most answers to everyday problems.

If you are in this field, you need this book."
-Mark Corum

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Below are some blog posts from agile coaches illustrating how they have used tools and mindsets from the Coaching Agile Teams book: