Call for certification clients

I've bit the bullet.  In a few weeks, I start an 8 month certification program in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching.   I've been training in this type of professional coaching for the last year and now I get to practice, practice, practice and be assessed, assessed, assessed.  Getting good is important because this type of coaching is just what's needed to achieve the "transform" part in the agile transformations trying to happen all around. The impediments agile uncovers once it moves beyond technology teams are intractable and don't have a "right" answer.  They're about whole groups of people changing and seeing their part in the mess that's been created. When Michael Spayd and I do this for corporations through our company, Agile Coaching Institute, we call it "breakthrough coaching" because it breaks through the walls that stop agile from being used well throughout the organization.

Michael is already certified in this advanced coaching and now it's my turn.  Here's where you might come in.  If you are a ScrumMaster, agile coach, product owner, agile manager or agile champion who wants to help your company use agile well, then read on...

Wanted....certification pairs

I need a few pairs of agilists who want to make considerable progress on their company's agile adoption.  You need to be a pair to benefit from this type of coaching because it is oriented around organizations, relationships and systems -- the context the two of you already work in together.  (It scales from pairs up to hundreds of people, but I'm just starting with pairs)

It could be a ScrumMaster and product owner, two agile coaches on a transformation team, an agile champion and her lead agile coach...the combinations are endless.   I will coach the two of you rather than mentor you.  So, if you are having problems getting teams to fully understand release planning and how it fits into the company's portfolio management process, for example, I will not teach you about release planning or portfolio management (although I'm quite qualified to do so).  What I will do is use systems coaching skills to help the two of you see the issues from new angles and come up with break through ways to move your agenda forward -- fast and fully.  For now, take my word for it -- this way is much faster and creates much deeper change than any agile lesson I could offer from my own expertise.

Here's how it works:  the three of us will hold coaching sessions on the phone or Skype twice a month for 1-hour each.  The rate will be $200 a month -- waaay discounted.   We will design our partnership alliance in the first session and get quite clear about what the two of you wish to accomplish as we work together.  We will all commit to 2 months so that we can allow some time for changes to take root.  Interested?  Then,