Agile and Design Thinking:How to Stop Work from Killing You

I am part of the Coaches' Training Institute Co-Active Leadership program this year.  If you want to really delve into yourself to amp up the leadership qualities that help people know what you're about so they can follow you, with the flip-side of pruning (most painfully) the parts of yourself that don't help people follow you then this program is made for you.  It is made for me, through both the glorious and not-so-glorious bits.  Anyway, I digress. In this program, I met Dan Buchner, an award-winning product designer of products you probably have in your house.  Dan is bringing his message of "design thinking for everything" to the world.  It's a broader view of design thinking than we usually see in the agile world because it's not limited to software, or even to consumer products.  And, it's 100% useful for agile teams.  If you struggle with teams solving "the" problem too narrowly or with uninspired ideas, then be sure to catch our upcoming webinar which offers some new mashed-up thinking about agile and design thinking.

Update: The webinar on August 16th was a resounding success.

Here are actual comments from actual people who actually participated in the live broadcast:

  • Some good tips and tricks, there is hope, helps you think outside the cubicle.
  • Positive, eye-opening; hopeful and creative!
  • If you’re feeling like you want to make a difference in your organization and don’t know how, here’s 3 great and inspiring ways to start!
  • Lifts you out of the ordinary day to day and gives you ideas on how to be extraordinary.
  • Must-see esp if you are managing a group or organization.
  • The seminar was inspirational and thought provoking. Concrete ideas and suggestions.

Missed it?  No big deal, you can get the recorded webinar on Killer Webinars.

And, join the Stop the Insanity Grouply community to continue the conversation that the webinar started.  Here, you will find the contents of the live chats that happened during the webinar because they are such good fodder for follow-on discussions.   You'll also find discussion threads for people to share what happens for them as they use the three practices offered in the webinar.

One final, huge thanks to Shelley at Killer Webinars.  She knows how to run interesting, professional and fun webinars. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a killer webinar and she knows just what to do.  We were lucky to team up with her.