Scrum Gathering in Orlando

Scrum Gathering Orlando 2010 Tobias Mayer and the folks at the Scrum Alliance have organized what looks to be the best Scrum Gathering ever.  Truly, I'm not saying this because I get to be part of it with the Coaching the Coaches deep-dive session and a couple others (including project manager deprogramming).  Rather, I say this because the people they have brought together are ones I have been wanting to share with and learn from for a long time now.  Some are the deep thinkers of the crowd, others are the chaos-creators (in a good way) and still others are the integrators - all helping us bring ideas from other disciplines and ways of thinking so that we can deepen our practice of Scrum.

The three days are filled with deep-dive sessions, short presentations and even shorter (6 minute) pecha kucha talks.  I'm looking forward to them all.  And the best part?  The "random" perfect moments when someone you just met tells you something that unlocks a vexing problem or helps you see a better way to do Scrum.  Those happen all over the conference site, but will probably pop up frequently in the always-open Dialogue Room & Scrum Clinic, hosted by Gerry Kirk and Michael de la Manza.  I heard a rumor about a disco ball being installed in the Dialogue Room -- could be fun.

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