Co-active coaching comes to the agile world

coactive coaching book nestled next to agile textsWhat a joy to see the Co-Active Coaching book alongside a bevy of agile books at the 2009 Agile Development Practices conference bookstore.  It sat there, nestled right next to the latest agile wisdom from Mike's Cohn's new book, Succeeding with Agile.  And...the Co-Active Coaching book sold out.  I didn't wear a sign saying "Co-Active Coaching Rocks!" or anything like that.  I just mentioned the book once, in my half-day tutorial called Becoming an Agile Coach (this is a shorter version of the Coaching Agile Teams class).  I take this as an indication that agile coaches are eager to expand their skills and get into the hard bits with teams -- the being human stuff that often restricts a team's value delivery.  Another indication of this trend was the many times I noticed people peeking at Rachel Davies' and Liz Sedley's book, Agile Coaching, which also did quite well.  Good for all of us!  Now I really can't wait for my book, Coaching Agile Teams, to come out in the Spring.  We're all pointing to the same thing:  stellar coaches will help teams activate agile for the astonishing results people feel (and some know) it can create.  Coaching does, indeed, rock. AddThis Social Bookmark Button