Hello, friend.

You are at this page because I want to revel in the spacious fire of collaboration with you. Together, we can impact your clients for good! Let me be used as a surgical instrument in your already on-going agile engagement so that whatever I add has enough umph! to really shift the situation. Let’s also use my celebrity consciously, to help the client hear key messages.

Described below are a few offers I have been experimenting with which we could use as a starting point. The text is written with your client in mind, so when I use the term “you” I don’t mean YOU, I mean the client. I did this because I imagined you may want to share the text with your client to gauge interest. If so, please copy it from here and put it in your own format or email rather than directing them to this page. I do not want clients coming directly to me.

Right away, let’s get the value exchange conversation going. $10,000 - $20,000 a day – Enough people have told me this should be my rate that I now believe it. Earning a certain amount of money is less important to me than what price tag signals and makes possible. I want the rate to be a significant investment so that time and impact are on the forefront of the client's mind. I think that will help the client engage at the level needed so their organization gets the most benefit, and it also honors my level of skill and and my range. Having said all this, let’s not let money get in the way. Together, let’s be in discernment about the appropriate rate for the particular situation.

Let’s create a lasting impact together!


Copy of Live Agile Coaching with Lyssa Adkins

Live Agile Coaching with Lyssa Adkins

Coach of Agile Coaches and author of Coaching Agile Teams 


Lyssa will hold live agile coaching sessions with a group of your choice (ScrumMasters/Agile Coaches, related Agile Teams, transformation leaders) so that you can get insight into the top dilemmas and have people leaving ready to take action. 


Lyssa spent a day with Innodev’s Business Agility team. Read their blogs to hear what they got out of it.

What are the benefits?

People get coached/mentored by a highly skilled professional coach and one of the thought leaders in the Agile world.

They leave the conversations with tangible actions they are willing to take — this could move the needle on some of the "intractable" problems you've probably been dealing with for a while.

The rest of the group benefits from the content discussed in the sessions as well as the debrief about the skills of Agile Coaching they witnessed Lyssa using (or failing to use). 

How does it work?

In real time, Lyssa facilitates the group to quickly decide on the highest business value topics to tackle. Optionally, Lyssa will be in conversation with the group via Marco Polo in the weeks prior to facilitate them in choosing what to do and what their overall intention for the day will be.

Lyssa conducts a live agile coaching session with the person or pair that is living the dilemma of the topic right now — in front of everyone else. The person/pair walks away with tangible actions they are ready to take. Alternatively, the topic may be best addressed by Lyssa teaching a concept and then facilitating the group to apply the concept to the topic.

After each coaching topic, we debrief what everyone witnessed. We discuss the skills Lyssa used in the session and "pull back the curtain" on the components of agile coaching she demonstrated. 

Then, we move on to the next highest business value topic using the same pattern. 

Repeat until we run out of time. Approximately 6 topics can be tackled in a day.

Copy of Live Agile Coaching with Lyssa Adkins

Shift Event facilitated by Lyssa Adkins

Coach of Agile Coaches, author of Coaching Agile Teams and Certified Integral Facilitator


Lyssa will custom-design and facilitate a "shift event" aimed at up-leveling your organization's Agile Coaching. Think of it as an extended, interactive keynote where people encounter clear messages about Agile Coaching and apply them to their own situations and coaching abilities.

Lyssa offers her expert knowledge in Agile Coaching, tailored specifically to the places where your coaching community needs a shift. The group engages with the material through thought-provoking exercises and new-perspective conversations. The Shift Event is most effective for larger groups — 50 to hundreds at a time.

What are the benefits?

Large groups of agile coaches (ScrumMasters, Kanban Leads, Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Delivery Leads, etc) hear clear messages about agile coaching from the most known leader in the field.

They immediately engage with the material through thought-provoking exercises and new-perspective conversations.

Everyone shares the same peak experience, creating fertile ground for ongoing conversation and problem resolution.

Participants experience a new "state" of being in their agile coaching and new possibilities open up, even for the difficult on-going problems.

Agile coaching communities of practice get a strong start or a new revival.

How does it work?

Lyssa works with you to understand what is going well with your organization's agile coaching capability, and what is not going so well — where do they need a "shift"?

Lyssa will custom-design a session aimed at up-leveling the agile coaching. You will be consulted throughout the design process to make sure the session hits all the main points.

Lyssa comes on-site to deliver and facilitate the Shift Event(s).


Coaching Difficult Problems

Coached by Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams, Organization & Relationship Systems Certified Coach (ORSCC) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC).


Lyssa will bring new and quickly-effective problem coaching skills to help your organization un-knot the difficult problems in your agile transformation. Problems that are perfect for this kind of coaching are ones that have been around for a long time (and that people try to ignore or work around) or problems that involve multiple teams or departments and seem impossible to solve.

What are the benefits?

A problem that has been around for a long time, where there is a lot of "history", "personalities" or "bad blood" gets un-knotted and people see possibilities for solving it together.

A problem involving multiple departments or a lengthy value stream gets seen in its entirety so that people can make decisions, together, about how to streamline value delivery.

A difficult problem turns into concrete actions people are gladly willing to take.

How does it work?

Lyssa works with you to understand the contours of the difficult problem you want to unravel.

Then, Lyssa offers several ways to work with the problem. Together, we will choose the best one.

With this choice in mind, Lyssa will custom-design a problem "intervention" in collaboration with you.

Lyssa comes on-site to facilitate a session designed to un-knot the problem. In most cases, this means bringing people together who are involved in the problem in a session that feels like a workshop to them.

In the session, the group members decide on actions they are willing to take to significantly "move the needle" on the problem.

Lyssa conducts follow-up coaching calls to help the group stay in motion, create learning and commit to next actions based on how the problem resolves or changes.


Agile Coaching Capability Consulting

Offered by Lyssa Adkins, author of Coaching Agile Teams, thought leader in Developing an Internal Agile Coaching Capability and teacher of thousands of Agile Coaches.


Lyssa will consult with Agile Capability Leads, Transformation Leaders, or Org Leaders to create or revitalize their agile coaching capability strategy.

What are the benefits?

Agile capability leads/transformation leaders benefit from Lyssa's years of experience and "bird's eye view" of the agile coaching world.

The resulting strategy is robust and informed by the depth of knowledge Lyssa brings related to how people actually change.

The Agile coaching capability comes into greater alignment with the organization's needs and current/future agile coaching abilities.

Agile capability leads/transformation leaders are ready to take the next steps with invigorated optimism and belief.

How does it work?

Lyssa works with you to understand what is going well with your organization's agile coaching capability, and what is not going so well — how it is aligned (or not aligned) to the organization's needs.

Lyssa consults with you, bringing her expertise in developing agile coaching as an organization capability.

Lyssa offers her extensive knowledge of adult development and working with culture to inform your choices about what changes are likely to work.

Lyssa uses coaching and mentoring skills to help you define your agile coaching capability strategy and decide on your next steps.